There are exactly four times in my life I've fallen in love super amazing husband, my beloved animals, my kiddos, and Interior Design.  God I can't begin to tell you how much I love Interior Design.  Interior Designers are truly artists, with spaces being our canvases, and procurements being our mediums. 

It was out of the love for our trade that the Oklahoma Designer Show House was born.  We are the only show house in Oklahoma that can be defined as a "designer" tour.  Not only is everything you see cultivated by talented designers, but we also do all the administrative & behind the scenes work for our show! We layout our tour magazines, design graphics, market the tour, and even buy the toilet paper! 

I am so proud to be a founding board member affectionately known as the Five Tribes.  This will be our 4th year and I couldn't be happier to present you with some of Oklahoma's most amazing artists! See you in September! 

Andrea Meister